संस्कृत सुभाषित

सुभाषित (सु+भाषित = सुन्दर ढंग से कही गयी बात) ऐसे शब्द-समूह, वाक्य या अनुच्छेदों को कहते हैं जिसमें कोई बात सुन्दर ढंग से या बुद्धिमत्तापूर्ण तरीके से कही गयी हो। सुवचन, सूक्ति, अनमोल वचन, आदि शब्द भी इसके लिये प्रयुक्त होते हैं।

संस्कृत सुभाषित - भाग ६


अभिवादनशीलस्य नित्यं वॄद्धोपसेविन: |
चत्वारि तस्य वर्धन्ते आयुर्विद्या यशो बलम् ||

For a person who is polite and serves/respects old people, four things Viz, life (number of years), knowledge, success in life and strength increase. In short, such person leaves a successful life.


षड् गुणा: पुरुषेणेह त्यक्तव्या न कदाचन |
सत्यं दानम् अनालस्यम् अनसूया क्षमा धॄति: ||

A person should never give up following six qualities. truth (sticking to truth), generosity, activeness, being free from jealousy, tolerance and firmness.


छायामन्यस्य कुर्वन्ति स्वयं तिष्ठन्ति चातपे |
फलान्यपि परार्थाय वॄक्षा: सत्पुरूषा इव ||

The trees make shade for others, themselves standing in Sun. (Their) fruits are also for others. (Hence) the trees are like 'satpurush' (gentlemen).


पात्रे त्यागी गुणे रागी संविभागी च बन्धुषु |
शास्त्रे बोद्धा रणे योद्धा स वै ज्ञख्8216;पुरूषज्ञख्8217; उच्यते ||

(One who) donates to right person (for noble cause), appreciates good qualities in others, shares joys and sorrows with brothers, gathers knowledge of science and is ( an excellent ) warrior on battlefield is called ‘Man’.


शुचित्वं त्यागिता शौर्यं सामान्यं सुखदु:खयो: |
दाक्षिण्यञ्चानुरज्ञिग्त;श्च सत्यता च सुहॄद्गुणा: ||

The qualities of a true friend are: Purity, generosity, chivalry, being composed in happiness and distress, politeness, affection and truthfulness.

The main point of this subhashita is not that we have to make people of such qualities our friends, but that we need to make such qualities our own, for then we will naturally attract virtuous people to become our friends


आदानस्य प्रदानस्य कर्तव्यस्य च कर्मण: |
क्षिप्रम् अक्रियमाणस्य काल: पिबति तद्रसम् ||


Whatever you have to return back to others or whichever work has to be done by you, please do it in the expected time only (Don't delay too much). If you don't do this in time (You do it late) then the importance of that work vanishes (i.e. the effect of the work if done late will have no impact. Here the impact of the work that is done in time is compared to a sweet drink ('rasa')).

suBAshitkAr says that if you don't do your 'karma' (duties) at proper time then the sweetness of your work's result is lost. 'kaal' (Time) will drink that sweetness!!


मा वनं छिन्धि सव्याघ्रं मा व्याघ्रा: नीनशन् वनात् |
वनं हि रक्ष्यते व्याघ्रौ: व्याघ्रान् रक्षति काननम् ||


Don't destroy the forest where tigers are living. Tigers should not get extinguished from the forests. Forest is protected by the tiger (People don't cut trees in the forest for fear of tiger) and by providing the place to hide, forest too protects the tiger!


न तु अहं कामये राज्यं न स्वर्गं न अपुनर्भवम् |
कामये दु:खतप्तानां प्राणिनाम् आर्तिनाशनम् ||


" I do not desire kingdom, nor the heaven or even liberation ('moksha'). I have only one desire and that is to remove the misery of all the living beings who are suffering." King Rantidev has prayed to God in above words. This 'shloka' is also in the Mahabharat- Dronparva.


लक्ष्मी: चन्द्राद् अपेयाद् वा हिमवान् वा हिमं त्यजेत् |
अतीयात् सागरो वेलां न प्रतिज्ञाम्प;ाम् अहं पितु: ||

These are the words uttered by Shri. Ram when he is going for exile ('vanvAs'). Shri. Ram says: It may happen that brightness may leave the moon, or that the ice may leave the Himalaya, or that Sea may exceed it's limits.... But it is never possible that I will break the oath given to my father.


दीपो भक्षयते ध्वान्तं कज्जलं च प्रसूयते |
यादॄशं भक्षयेदन्नं जायते तादॄशी प्रजा ||

The lamp eats the darkness and gives birth to soot (generates soot). The food you eat has an influence on the offspring.


जितात्मन: प्रशान्तस्य परमात्मा समाहित: |
शीतोष्णसुखदु:खेषु तथा मानापमानयो: ||

ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प; गीता 6:8

For one who has conquered the mind, the Super soul is already reached, for he has attained tranquillity. To such a man happiness and distress,heat and cold, honour and dishonour are all the same.


कोकिलानां स्वरो रूपं स्त्रीणां रूपं पतिव्रतम् विद्या रूपं कुरूपाणां क्षमा रूपं तपस्विनाम् पंचतंत्र

Cuckoo bird’s beauty is in it’s voice, woman’s beauty is in her dedication to family/husband ('pativrata'). Knowledge is the beauty of an ugly person and forgiving is the beauty of the sages ('tapaswis').


किम् अपि अस्ति स्वभावेन सुन्दरं वा अपि असुन्दरम् |
यद् एव रोचते यस्मै भवेत् तत् तस्य सुन्दरम् ||

Any thing that we see in this world, is it beautiful or ugly in it's very nature? (Of-course No) The thing which is liked by any individual is felt beautiful by that individual! For example a ugly looking child is still loved very much by his/her mother.


अकालो नास्ति धर्मस्य जीविते चञ्चले सति |
गॄहीत: इव केशेषु मॄत्युना धर्मम् आचरेत् ||

When this life is full of uncertainty there is no time which is unfavourable for living the life as per the 'dharma'. Think as if death is within it's reach to you and obey the 'dharma'. Death can come anytime so always do good things (It shouldn’t happen that due to early death your wish to live the life of 'dharma' remained a mere wish only!!!). Don't wait for any favourable time ('muhurta') at which you will start living good life! The whole point is if you want to lead a good/noble life start NOW! Note that 'dharma' is not religion. Please refer suBAshitas No. 17,22,50,67,140,144 for more explanations of the word 'dharma'.


बुद्धि: प्रभाव: तेजश्च सत्वमुत्थानमेवच |
व्यवसायश्र्च यस्यास्ति तस्य वॄत्तिभयं कुत: ||

ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प; विदुरनीति

One who has brain, chivalry, poise, power, enthusiasm and willingness to work; why he/she has to worry about earning his/her living ?


गुणैरुत्तमतांयाति नोच्चैरासनसंस्थित: |
प्रासादशिखरस्थोपि काक: किं गरुडायते ||

Worth of a person is not determined by his seat (position), but by his qualities. Just by sitting on tip of palace, a cow can not become eagle.


दॄष्टिपूतं न्यसेत्पादं वस्त्रपूतं जलं पिबेत् |
सत्यपूता वदेत् वाचं मन: पूतं समाचरेत् ||

ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प; चाणक्य

Subhashitkar hear explains what device are to be used to purify different things. He says, purify your next step by your vision i.e. watch the path carefully before you step further. drink water, which is purified by cloth. speak after purification by satya (truth) i.e. speak whatever truth is. purify your behaviour by your mind i.e. make conscience efforts to keep your behaviour good.


मॄगमीनसज्जनानां तॄणजलसंतोषविहितवॄज्ञल्त;ाीनाम् |
लुब्धकधीवरपिशुना: निष्कारणम् एव वैरिणो जगति ||

भतर्ॄहरि नीति

Deer, Fishes and noble people ('sajjan') earn their livelihoods on dry grass, water and satisfaction ('santosh') respectively! Even though they lead such simple life without troubling anyone still we find hunters, fishermen and bad people ('durjan') becoming their enemies! It's really true that the people who do not trouble others still have enemies without any reason!


न उच्चार्थो विफलोऽपि दूषणपदं दूष्य:तु कामो लघु: ||

There is no fault in the failure of the big dreams/aims. But it's big fault even to think for the personal selfish gains.


असतो मा सद्गमय, तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय , मॄत्योर्मा अमॄतं गमय |
ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प; बॄहदारण्यकज्ञन्ब्स्प; उप|

( Oh God ) From the unreal lead me to the real From darkness lead me to light From death lead me to immortality.


विद्या मित्रं प्रवासेषु भार्या मित्रं गॄहेषु च |
व्याधितस्यौषधं मित्रं धर्माे मित्रं मॄतस्य च ||

ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प;ज्ञन्ब्स्प; महाभारत

Knowledge is (your) friend in the journey, wife is the friend at home, drug is (like) friend in illness and dharma is the friend after death.


आदौ माता गुरो: पत्नी ब्राा*मणी राजपत्निका |
धेनुर्धात्री तथा पॄथ्वी सप्तैता मातर: स्मॄत: ||

Our own mother (i.e. one who gives birth), guru's (teacher's) wife, wife of a brahmin, wife of a king, cow, nurse and the earth are our mothers.

The word 'mother' indicates respect we have about somebody. Here, subhashitkar says that we have seven mothers i.e. we should have respect to all listed in the subhashita.


यथा हि एकेन चक्रेण न रथस्य गतिर्भवेत् |
एवं पुरूषकारेण विना दैवं न सिध्यति ||

Just like a chariot cannot run with only a single wheel, in the same way luck will not favour the human without his/her efforts.


ग्रहाणां चरितं स्वप्नो अनिमिज्ञल्त;ाानि उपयाचितम् |
फलन्ति काकतालीयं तेभ्य: प्राज्ञाम्प;ा: न बिभ्यति ||

When there are changes in our life (good or bad) we generally attribute these to things like - effects of Planetary motions, (bad/good) dream, (bad/good) signs, results of praying to God. But really speaking these are just like the coincidence of a crow sitting on the branch of a tree and that branch falling on ground within few minutes!! (The branch does not fall down due to the weight of the crow!!!)


न भूतपूर्वं न कदापि वार्ता हेम्न: कुरंगो न कदापि दॄष्ट: |
तथापि तॄष्णा रघुनन्दनस्य विनाशकाले विपरीत बुद्धि: ||

It has never happened before, nobody has heard about, no body has seen a golden deer. But, ShriRama's greed (about it) is unfavorable intention leading to destruction.